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Mary and Joseph

Welcome to River Lights of Wonder. Have you ever wondered about that very first Christmas or what were the events that led up to that very special night? History tells us that a census was ordered by Augustus Caesar. This meant all Jews needed to return to where they had been born, along with their families, to be counted. They didn’t have cars or trains, no, they had to walk in the harsh weather and over dangerous terrain. Mary and Joseph traveled over 65 miles to the city called Bethlehem, which was Joseph’s birthplace. Mary was very pregnant at that time. As they traveled, Mary and Joseph must have wondered over the miracle that Mary was carrying the Promised One inside her; God’s own son, whom they were to call Jesus.

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The Wise Men

Far from the East, there were some very wise men who studied the stars. Each night, they would look to the sky and write down what they saw; where the stars had come from and where they were going. But, one night a star they had never seen before appeared in the sky. They searched and found that such a star was a sign that a Great King was to be born. So, the wise men set out to follow that star and meet this Promised King. They brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Together they followed that star to Bethlehem.

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The Shepherds

The night that Mary gave birth to Jesus, out in the fields shepherds were watching over their sheep. It was quite a night. But suddenly, that changed when angels appeared to them in the skies saying, “Don’t be afraid! I have wonderful news for you! God’s own Son has been born. He is your Savior, Christ the Lord! You will find him wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.” The shepherds were filled with excitement and hurried to Bethlehem to find the baby.

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Jesus is born

The wonder of Christmas is that the Son of God was not born in a palace or a castle. No, God’s Son was born in a humble stable to show the world that all can come to Him; young, old, rich, or poor. For God so loved the world that He gave us His only Son. And this is the wonder of Christmas.

Narrators: John Booko and Bonnie Booko